Sweet November

Oh man… It is November already! It is going to be the best time of my life but right now it is crazy! Weeks are passing me by at maximum speed and sometimes I feel like I forget to live.

Ragazzi… è già novembre! Sembra proprio essere il periodo più bello della mia, ma adesso come adesso è da pazzi! Le settimane mi passano davanti a massima velocità e a volte mi sembra di dimenticare di viverle.

But everything is beautiful and now I can spit it out:

1) my thesis has been approved and I’m sooooo relaxed now! Actually I still have to write the very last chapter, but I’m ok ‘cause the date is going to be in mid December.

2) we began painting our new home…yes, Mr. & I have a home!! We’re going to live together soon, I hope at the end of the month.

Yesterday we painted our bedroom and actually we made a very good job (photos soon).

3) work is going great, I love my job even if sometimes I feel overwhelmed with tasks and responsibilities, but I don’t want to moan ‘cause I feel lucky when I wake up in the morning.

Ma è tutto perfetto adesso e posso finalmente sputare il rospo:

1) la mia tesi è stata approvata e adesso sono così rilassata… A dire la verità devo ancora scrivere l’ultimo capitolo, ma sono tranquilla perché la data sarà a metà dicembre.

2) abbiamo iniziato a dipingere la nostra nuova casa…si, io e Mr. Rega andremo abbiamo una casa! Presto andremo a vivere insieme, spero addirittura alla fine del mese.

Ieri abbiamo dipinto la nostra camera da letto e ad essere sincera abbiamo fatto davvero un bel lavoro (presto foto!!)

3) il lavoro sta andando alla grande, amo il mio lavoro e anche se a volte mi sento come sopraffatta dalle cose da fare e dalle responsabilità, ma non voglio lamentarmi; mi sento così fortunata ogni volta che mi alzo la mattina.

oh, last but not least, I’m on a diet from today and this is the only pleasure I can allow to myself…good night all!


Dream House Rundup

Want a coffee table like that!

A laundry room can be so cool…









We’ve been in Florence last weekend and it’s been dreamy… Unfortunately my Reflex is broken and I have to shoot with my iPhone, ‘till it got fixed.

Dream House Roundup

Why not?!

I think I really like this colour

Back to (old) school


First project in line.


Have a nice weekend!!

5 cose – week 39

I’ve never written my 5 things post in the last month. I’ve been overwhelmed in the last few week, so many things happened…I wrote about somethings here but I have so many surprises in store!

I’m going to be the busiest bee because tomorrow I start working full time and by the end of the month MUST finish writing my thesis. It’s going to be very good for me: for my skills and for my pockets too! XD

Before starting my five thing I wanted to show you one of most beautiful places I’ve ever seen in my entire life: Orvieto (This is the Cathedral).

In Duomo di Orvieto


I found this treasure at So Critical So Fashion…yes, it’s made with Lego! I love it!


I learnt how to decorate things with the stencil technique and now, I’m obsessed with it! I’ve tons of ideas!


Ideas that I regularly forget. That’s why I need a journal where to write down everything comes on my mind: my personal Beer Storming Journal.


I’m making lots of new friends lately!


I Last week of part time job…growing up! XD

Dream House Roundup

Autumn wreath

Best before and after of the week

The car bed 😀


Wonderful afternoon @ So Critical So Fashion, a collateral event of the Milan Fashion Week. When people say fashion, they probably mean great brands and super model. So Critical So Fashion is the proof that it isn’t true, or better, it is partly true.

Fashion can be critical, ecological and above all fair!

Gran pomeriggio al So Critical So Fashion, un evento collaterale della Settimana della Moda Milanese. Quando si parla di moda, spesso si pensa ai grandi brand e alle top model. So Critical So Fashion è la prova che non è vero, o meglio, è vero solo in parte.

La moda può essere critica, ecologica e soprattutto giusta!


Thanks to Serpica Naro, we learnt how to decorate our own clothes with stencils. I saw these colorful panties and I couldn’t help print on them! Serpica Naro is a collective project of creative minds which have a aim: spread all over the world the concept open-source brand and empowerment concerning the subjectivity of workers in the creative industries, enlightening the conditions of precarious workers within fashion industry.

Grazie a Serpica Naro, abbiamo imparato a decorare dei vestiti con gli stencil. Ho visto queste mutandine colorate e non ho potuto fare a meno di stamparci sopra! Serpica Naro è un collettivo di creativi che ha uno scopo: diffondere il il più possibile il concetto di brand open-source e la responsabilizzazione verso i lavoratori nelle industrie creative, puntando l’attenzione sulle condizioni dei lavoratori precari all’interno dell’industria della moda.

…welcome to the future!