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Dream House Rundup

Want a coffee table like that!

A laundry room can be so cool…









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We’ve been in Florence last weekend and it’s been dreamy… Unfortunately my Reflex is broken and I have to shoot with my iPhone, ‘till it got fixed.

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Dream House Roundup

Why not?!

I think I really like this colour

Back to (old) school


First project in line.


Have a nice weekend!!

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5 cose – week 39

I’ve never written my 5 things post in the last month. I’ve been overwhelmed in the last few week, so many things happened…I wrote about somethings here but I have so many surprises in store!

I’m going to be the busiest bee because tomorrow I start working full time and by the end of the month MUST finish writing my thesis. It’s going to be very good for me: for my skills and for my pockets too! XD

Before starting my five thing I wanted to show you one of most beautiful places I’ve ever seen in my entire life: Orvieto (This is the Cathedral).

In Duomo di Orvieto


I found this treasure at So Critical So Fashion…yes, it’s made with Lego! I love it!


I learnt how to decorate things with the stencil technique and now, I’m obsessed with it! I’ve tons of ideas!


Ideas that I regularly forget. That’s why I need a journal where to write down everything comes on my mind: my personal Beer Storming Journal.


I’m making lots of new friends lately!


I Last week of part time job…growing up! XD

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Dream House Roundup

Autumn wreath

Best before and after of the week

The car bed 😀

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